Monday, July 13, 2009

First Blogiversary!

So yesterday was my birthday, but today is another special occasion. It's my blog's first anniversary!

I've had a fun, busy year tending to my blog. The blog has evolved somewhat over the past year, shifting to include some more personal stories as well as discussions of my geeky diversions. I've shared quite a lot about myself over the past year, but of course there is always more to tell. In celebration of my blogiversary, here are ten things about me that have not come up on my blog yet. They are not secrets but are the kinds of things that my friends I know in person would know about me. And they are all unrelated to my geeky sci-fi/fantasy interests, because I already cover those pretty thoroughly on this blog.

1. My favorite color is blue. Deep, royal blue is best.
2. My favorite animals are otters, and they have been my favorite since second grade. I have quite a collection of otter things; once people learned that I love otters, whenever it was my birthday or Christmas and they didn't know what to get me they'd get me something otter related. Proof of my otter obsession: I have 28 otter stuffed animals.

3. I was in the theater club in high school. The musicals that I was in are Anything Goes, The Pajama Game, and Big.
4. I took dance classes from age 4 all the way through high school, in tap, jazz, ballet, pointe, modern, and hip hop. I also took a class in modern dance in college. I particularly fancy myself a tap dancer, in the style of tap that Savion Glover does (anyone seen Happy Feet?).
5. I play the flute and sing, too (I've mentioned the singing on this blog before, but not the flute).
6. I have this strange habit of snapping my ear. If like most people you have no idea what this means, basically I pull on my earlobe in such a way that when released it hits the skin behind my ear making a loud snap (as loud as any good finger snap). Yes, some people's idle habits involve biting their nails or tapping their fingers, but I snap my ear. The only way I can break the habit is by wearing large earrings, which prevent the snap.
7. While my mom's family is from Hawaii, my dad's family is from Vermont. I love snowy mountains in addition to tropical beaches.
8. I used to have really long hair. From 7th grade to halfway through my sophomore year in college, my hair was down to my hips. I never quite let it get to the point that I would sit on it.
9. I have had 13 pets throughout my life: 2 dogs, 1 rabbit, 9 gerbils, and 1 fish (the poor fish didn't last more than two weeks).
10. There are two pieces of jewelry that I always wear. One is a floral-themed silver ring with a moonstone (which can actually be seen in my "mirror" photo from the Dollhouse socks post I did for Sebastian). The other is a necklace with just a small gold bead on a chain.

I never knew when I started this blog a year ago whether anyone would ever read it. But it's definitely more fun writing when you know at least someone will see it. So thanks for reading my blog! You all make my day! :-)


floreta said...

wow i had no idea you could snap your ear!!

Hezabelle said...

Yay!! Happy Blogiversary!!

Eleni said...

Floreta - Yes, I figure that so few people can snap their ear for two reasons: One, only some people can do it because of earlobe shape genetics; and two, who on Earth would ever think of trying to snap their ear? I'm just weird that way.

Hezabelle - Thanks! It feels a little redundant having just celebrated my birthday yesterday, but that's how it worked out.

I may not post again until I'm in Hawaii (very soon now). Catch you all later!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogiversary! :D

My hair used to be that long too...I so wish I hadn't cut it!

Sebastian said...

Just spent 5 minutes trying to snap my ear before reading the comments here and realising that I simply don't have deformed ears like you.

But now my left ear really hurts... damn.

Happy anniversary, and thanks for reminding me of the socks... going to go and have a little lingering rumination...

Eleni said...

Pink - I'm not sure if I want my hair down to my hips again, but I hope to grow it out to maybe the middle of my back. Didn't feel right being over my shoulders.

Seb - My ears aren't deformed! I rather like my ears :( You know how some people have attached earlobes and some have unattached. Maybe I should take a video demonstration of the earsnap.

Sebastian said...

Totally guest bloggable!

Snap your ears to a suitable rhythm while repeating the Ode to Seb.

Eleni said...

Hmm, I've never gotten much into rhythm earsnapping (I usually just do a sort of idle snap-SNAP that drives my mom nuts). I'll have to work on it...