Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Housemate: Part II - Dear Housemate

Dear Housemate,

When was it--
When halfway through cooking dinner you suddenly decided we had to dash out for frozen yogurt?
When the next night we figured out there was a Bubbies within walking distance and we went out for mochi ice cream?
When we went back to Bubbies the next day?
When we sat on the couch watching Firefly while munching on mochi ice cream?
When you went with me to see Ponyo in the theater?
When we went back to the theater the next day to see District 9?
When you brought back all the ingredients and we made miso soup together?
When you cooked the first bitter melon dish that I've ever enjoyed?
When you cooked that delicious curry dish, or that other curry dish, or that tamarind dish (etc.)?
When you carved the pineapple to be eaten like an ice cream cone?
When you made me eat rice with my fingers?
When we hiked up Diamond Head and tried to find our house through the binoculars?
When we went for a hike and, in spite of the warning signs, swam in the cool pool beneath the waterfall?
When you learned to play the songs I like on your guitar so I could sing along?

When was it that it suddenly became clear:
My life would suck without you?

For further developments, see The Housemate: Part III.


CatNip Thief said...

Telling you. Manga. Have to wait till the end of the series cause thats when it will be the most appropriate.

Eleni said...

I know, I know, I liked your story. He's basically the coolest housemate ever and I'm so lucky to have him as a housemate. And I could use some more time with it just being like this--where we're just friends without any awkwardness. Of course, that's not 100% up to me (it's ~50%, actually).

CatNip Thief said...

I believe in not pursuing anything. Information should always be found out first. Not only do you not want that awkwardness. But also you don't wanna step into something and cause some kind of problem for him. After all right now he could be totally into someone right now and you don't wanna cause him pressure or stress by suddenly stepping forward and saying something that will have him starting to think what he should do and such. Wouldn't be fair to him or to the other person that may or may not exist at this point. I say just be cool. Learn intel. And above all learn about yaself first and be yaself as well. ^-^ It's what makes a person cool and special. Ya got lots of time. No need to just rush and jump into something. Have to share some adventures with each other before learning what there might be. Just like in the manga. Being friends might even be more rewarding then actually pursuing something. If I had an artist I'd discuss with them about the story and maybe get it turned into a little web comic. Maybe someday I'll find one. In the meantime. Just be cool. Cause no matter where you are. There you are.

Eleni said...

I don't think he's into anyone else. I know he was single when he moved here last month, and he really hasn't been spending significant time with any girl here other than me. I mean maybe, but unlikely.

I am a pro at being cool. A pro at waiting, gathering info. And it's landed me in a whole lot of nowhere. There was this guy I had a crush on at the very beginning of freshman year in college, but I decided that it would never be good to start dating him at the beginning of freshman year--better to just stay friends as we were, wait until we know each other better. And pretty soon, after getting to know him better, I had decided it was best that way anyway--I liked him as a friend but nothing more. Then at the end of junior year I started having a crush on him again, and I definitely wanted something with him all throughout senior year, but I was just so accustomed to the way we'd been the first three years, I just couldn't change it. And now it's been two whole years since we graduated. Still friends and we talk online, but there's no romantic ending there.

Whoa, digression--sorry. Anyway this is all--for the moment--off topic. This post is really just about him being a great housemate and friend. I mean, I'd say my life would suck without my brothers, but there's nothing more to it there. Let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet...

Sebastian said...

Told yoooou soooo.

Hezabelle said...

Go for it, chica! It could be awkward, but it could also be wonderful. And that's worth the risk, right?

Of course, friendship is fine too.... just not as exciting!

Eleni said...

Rrrrr. Come on, Seb. I was maintaining a modicum of innocence when I wrote this post. He's the perfect housemate; doesn't mean any more than that.

Save it for the next post. (My Hawai'i series last week put my other posts on a slight time delay that I'm catching up on...)

Thanks, Hez. I don't know if I'll get to that point, but your words are welcome reassurance.