Sunday, August 16, 2009

A room with an OCEAN view

I have discovered that I did not do my new house justice when I said it had a nice view of the Waikiki skyline and of Diamond Head. My house actually also has an ocean view!

You'll have to work with me here...

Here's the picture from my initial post.

Zoom in on that box.

Now zoom in on that box.

See it?! It's that slightly darker blue strip down between the buildings, with a palm tree reaching up in the middle. Click on the photo to see the full size... If only my camera did better than 4.1 MP and 3x optical zoom I'm sure you'd see it no problem.

There's actually one other spot on our skyline where we can glimpse the sea, but it's not as good a view as this one, and you'll appreciate that that's saying something. The other one you really need binoculars to pick it out from between the fronds of the palm trees in front of it. This bit here you can see as a glittering deep blue strip with the naked eye. Really! It's a genuine view of the beautiful Pacific Ocean!


Sebastian said...

Wait, what if you look BEHIND you? Isn't Hawaii really small? :P

Eleni said...

It's small, but there's this annoying ridge of mountains in the middle. Which I can't even see from my house, sadly; all I can see are the neighbor's houses in that direction.