Monday, August 3, 2009


My cousins have an adorable dog named Wookiee. They think he's around 4 years old--he was adopted from a dog rescue. We don't know what breed he is, but it's probably a mix of a couple things. In general I think of little dogs as annoying yappy creatures, but he is the most mellow dog I have ever known. Totally sweet and easy going, he loves everyone he meets, but in a chill kind of a way. Really, mellow is the term that gets thrown around him the most. His fur is silky soft, and he gets a trim every couple months so it doesn't get too long. He's just so cute, and I love that they named him Wookiee. Since I can't have a dog of my own (current house rules and I wouldn't have the time anyway), and these cousins live very close to my house, he may become my substitute dog.

I took to photographing him as he chilled out on the beach. Here are some of the shots. Enjoy!

Relaxing on the beach

He found a "ball" to play with! (I'm not sure what kind of plant it comes from... some tropical beach thing)

Walking along the beach

Taking a break again, mellow dog that he is. Good camouflage on the sand.

Can you see why they call him Wookiee?


Sebastian said...

Most appropriate name EVER.

Eleni said...

Isn't it? Not in temperament, but I guess that makes the name even cuter.