Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Housemate: Part 1 - Just noticing...

So I was just noticing...

My housemate is
-smart (he's in the same Ph.D. program I'm in, so he must be smart!);
-musical (he plays guitar);
-exotic (he's American and he's totally white, but he spent his teenage years growing up in Indonesia);
-athletic (well, he's a surfer);
-a Lost and Firefly fan (that is, he has good taste);
-a great cook;
-just about the nicest guy in the world;
-totally off-limits (he's my housemate).

What have I gotten myself into? I mean, I'm all cool now, but will my little mind be able to keep it that way? I guess we'll see.

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To be continued...


Sebastian said...

Guaranteed he's already thought the same things about you, btw.

So just get it over with already :P

CatNip Thief said...

Sounds like a perfect set up for a Manga.

The Ashes said...

Oohhh... sounds like torture!!

BTW, found you on 20sb! :)

Eleni said...

Seb - You think? Hmm, we did see two movies and go hiking together this weekend, but that's just because we're both new here and don't know many other people! My concern, as I'm sure you've already figured out, is that we both have a year-long lease on this apartment, so if any complications should arise in our friendship, it could make things awfully awkward. I guess all I can say is "We'll see."

CatNip Thief - Really? Uh, what would happen in the Manga...?

Ashes - Welcome! It's not torture yet, I'm just sayin' there's some potential for torture there :)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Mr Seb on this one!

Sebastian said...

Difficulties rarely arise between easy-going geeks with similar interests...

You should know by now that when you finally find another geek that you can, like, GEEKOUT with... it's magical.

Some added kissing can't be a bad thing, surely...

CatNip Thief said...

I think it would be one of those mangas where the characters always find themselves in situations where there is a sort of love tension but nothing happens. Like say one had some messy break up or something horrific happened and the two have that moment they are hugging and they look into each others eyes are like you want them to just kiss but they don't. And so like the story has them always acting like they could be together but never are maybe cause they both know that it could jeopardize that special something they already have with and for each other. And after a long series of strange characters and events and lots of tension you get to the last pages of the final volume and they finally confess their feelings to each other and kiss and you sit there screaming at the book "Well its about friggin time!!! GAH!!!" and you remember all the other moments in the story where ya was screaming "Just kiss her already. She's right there." and "What are you waiting for!? He was clearly waiting for you to kiss him!"

Eleni said...

PJB - Ack, blogger friends don't care about the repercussions! Well I guess they do care, they just want it to be juicy :P Anyway, I haven't fallen for him yet. Not yet.

Seb - I don't think he's a total geek, not yet at least. There's definitely a potential there, though, and I'm working on it. But I am skeptical that "difficulties rarely arise"--how about between roommates? And you know how naive I am; I can only guess what some added kissing would do to a friendship.

CatNip - Hahaha, that's great. Considering the pace that I work at, your scenario definitely seems the most likely.

We should take bets or something on how long it takes until I make out with him ("never" being a perfectly feasible option--sorry).