Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The other islands: Kauai

The fourth of the major tourist islands in Hawaii, Kauai is known for its gorgeous beaches. Unlike on Maui, I actually got a few decent photos (sorry about that yesterday). I visited Waimea Canyon with its breathtaking views, and we even got to see the spectacular Na Pali coastline from a ship. I've never gone hiking there, but I hear the trails are lovely.

People looking out over Waimea Canyon

A waterfall over the canyon. It's probably really cool if you get a closer look.

A different view of the canyon

Na Pali coast and sparkling sea from atop Na Pali (which means "the cliffs")

And now Na Pali from the ocean side...


Hezabelle said...

Does it ever overwhelm you to live somewhere that's so breathtakingly beautiful?

Eleni said...

I'm sad to say that I sometimes forget I live in Hawaii. I have to remind my self now and then, especially when it's been a month since I've seen the ocean (save for the sliver visible from our window).

I need to get out more and make some trips to the other islands again (it's probably not too expensive from here).

Mary said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! Nice photos on Kauai. It's one of my favorite islands.

Eleni said...

Kauai is so beautiful! I hope to go there again some time now that I'm living here on the islands.