Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The other islands: Maui

I have a few Maui photos to share, but unfortunately on my more recent trip to Maui, we didn't go to nearly as nice places as on my first trip to Maui (when I was 12 and didn't have a camera). Most tragically, I did not go up Haleakala this time. The volcano is about 10,000 feet (3000 m) high, and from the top you can see all around the island to the sea. Furthermore, there is a plant unique to Haleakala called silversword that decorates the dry, high landscape. *Sigh* One of these days I will go back there and take pictures to share.

What I did do on my last trip to Maui was drive on the long, narrow, windy road to Hana, a town somewhat unremarkable except that it is reachable only by a long, narrow, windy road. A road with many beautiful places--waterfalls and tranquil pools, black sand beaches, groves of painted-bark eucalyptus trees--to stop along the way. What's great is that some crazy rich tourists make their stretch limos drive down this narrow windy road. That takes talent.

Eucalyptus grove

Looking out along the coast towards Hana

On a black-sand beach

A small waterfall

A thousand apologies to the island of Maui for my taking such crappy pictures. I promise to do better next time. It really is a gorgeous place.

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