Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

I recently received the Stylish Blogger Award from The Princess of Confessions of a Geek Princess. She's an awesome geek girl who posts deliciously geeky photos and videos, plus comments on all sorts of geeky subjects.

For this award, I'm supposed to share seven things about myself then award it to some other worthy bloggers. In honor of the "stylish" part of the award, and because I'm at a loss when things are too open ended, I'll list seven things about myself related to my style (I use the term loosely, you will see).

1. I love wearing long skirts. I have quite a good collection, so it's a shame that I don't get much opportunity to wear them, especially now that I'm in Hawaii and it's too hot for long skirts most of the time.

2. I know you're generally not supposed to mix silver and gold jewelry, but I always wear both, because of two pieces of jewelry that have great sentimental value to me: a gold necklace (small gold bead on a fine gold chain), and a silver ring with a moonstone.

3. I don't wear makeup or nail polish. I always wear chapstick, though.

4. In college, I worked at Ann Taylor. I actually didn't know what Ann Taylor was when my mom told me that they were hiring and I should apply, but thanks to the employee discount, I now own a lot of Ann Taylor clothes. I still buy them (on sale), now that I've gotten a taste for it.

5. I wish that full-length cloaks would come back in style. Not that I could wear them in Hawaii anyway, but still. They may not be practical, but they look so awesome billowing behind you.

6. I'm much lazier with my outfits now than I was in high school. Back then I used to wear cute socks (with things like sparkly fireflies, or pigs), quirky jewelry that always matched my outfit, assorted scarves, and I would style my hair in different ways. Now it's just pants, shirt, maybe a pair of earrings if I think of it, and hair loose. But I am always careful to match my flip-flops with my outfit.

7. I have on occasion worn the same pair of pants two days in a row. Like, uh, yesterday and today. I try not to wear them three days in a row. But I can't say it never happens. This may be more of a hygiene issue than a style issue... TMI Thursday!

And now to pass this award onto a few more stylish bloggers. Note to winners: Feel no pressure to follow the "rules" or do any follow up to your receipt of this award. I have no expectations :)

Tabs A. Geek of Geeky Ambiguous Me - Geeky girl who writes often touching posts about her personal life from her wonderfully geeky perspective.
Angela of Lariats and Lavender - Geeky gamer who writes about her life and interests and sometimes even her shares her style.
Kimolisa of Kimolisa Was Here - She posts insightful and/or amusing videos and pictures, fashion photos with commentary, and even some of her own designs.

P.S. I just noticed that my current blogger profile photo has me in a long Ann Taylor skirt. What did I say?


Greg Christopher said...


Angela said...

Wheee!!! Congrats and THANK YOU! Going to go blog about this nao. ^_^

Eleni said...

Greg - Thanks!

Angela - You're welcome! You are a deserving stylish blogger :)

Tabs A. Geek said...

Awww thanks Eleni!!!!!! :D

I wish I could go without makeup, but my face is so blotchy that I end up having to wear it so that I can look professional at work. *sigh*

Eleni said...

The lack of makeup is kind of a laziness thing, and a little bit of ignorance. My skin will look crappy but I don't own makeup and wouldn't know what kind to buy, anyway. Maybe I should do something about it :-/

You're welcome, though! :D

Kimolisa said...

Thanks Eleni!!! :D

Now I feel like a certified blogger. Woohooo!!

I hear you on the long skirts, it's hot in the Caribbean too, and as for makeup, I can apply it but my hands are always in my face and an oily t-zone means I have to keep applying and I'm not a big fan of that.

Once again, Thanks for the badge.

Eleni said...

Aw, you're welcome :)

And short skirts are OK but they're more hazardous, particularly on a windy day!