Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Housemate: Part IV - It was perfect

This follows The Housemate: Parts I, II, and III. Sorry if my blog has devolved into a sappy teenage chick flick recently, but that's my life right now.

It was perfect.

We'd just watched Act 2 of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (I'm educating him slowly) and the Firefly episode "Trash." We were just getting cozy on the couch, scooched up next to each other. It was still only 9:30; he suggested we watch something else. We flip through my modest collection of movies and select Garden State; he hasn't seen it. I love that movie. Funny, cute, sweet. Also happens to be my most romantic movie that's not a chick flick.

It doesn't take long before his arm is resting on the back of the couch behind me. I lean back so his arm is now half on the couch back, half on my shoulders. Throughout the movie, I'm leaning into him bit by bit, he's folding his arm in closer bit by bit. Excruciatingly slow the both of us, like continental drift. We make it to the final scene in the movie--the scene at the airport. It's a scene of poignant sadness, love, hope, and bewilderment. I'm mainly wondering what's going to happen when the movie ends. Sitting on the couch alone in the dark house, the beautiful lights of the city night skyline in front of us. My skin is tingling. Sam and Andrew are sitting on the stairs at Newark International, discussing periods and ellipses...

And then our other two housemates--the Ukrainian couple--come home. They burst into the kitchen laughing and talking, turning on the lights. The mood is broken. We reluctantly break apart, and we watch the last two minutes of the movie sitting apart, with Ukrainian chatter in the background. It was like a scene out of a movie or TV show: so close but interrupted.

It was perfect.

I'll never know what would have happened if the Ukrainian housemates hadn't come home right then. Chances are that nothing would have happened. The sad truth of the matter is that this is farther than I've ever gotten before. It seems so elementary, but I'm kind of at a loss.

So what do we do? The question asked and unanswered at the end of Garden State. What do we do?

Find further developments in The Housemate: Part V.


Hezabelle said...

Shall I repeat my chant of "Go for it?" hahaha. :)

Eleni said...

Easier said than done, I'm afraid :)

Sebastian said...


I'm rooting for you, Little Miss Chaste. I'm ROOTING FOR YOU.

Eleni said...

Great, that really helps.