Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Housemate: Part VI - Over the pitcher's mound

The Housemate saga reaches a climax, of sorts. This will make more sense if you've read my previous installments, Parts I, II, III, IV, and V--and (again, strangely enough) if you've seen Firefly (I said to get on that).

I've been debating how much to share; some personal details feel like they belong on this blog, others do not. But since I've been making such a big thing of this whole crush on the Housemate issue, I figure it would be bad blogging form not to follow through a bit. So sparing you from too many details that might bore you anyway, here goes (*deep breath*)...

Last night, I slept with the Housemate.

Now don't go getting too excited; my virtue (pudicitia?) is still intact. It was just sleeping, fully clothed. Well, not just sleeping. It was really quite a big deal for me, seeing as before the concert two weeks ago I'd never had so much as a guy lay his hands on me.

We were sitting on the couch watching Firefly episode "Objects in Space", all cozy on up next to each other with his arms wrapped around me, kind of playing with each other's hands. Obnoxiously cutesy, I know. As the show was ending, he was lightly stroking my outer thigh (admittedly my fault, as I'd directed him there). Then--and it still mystifies me how quickly this happened--we were suddenly on second base (according to the xkcd definitions; apologies for the juvenile metaphor). I thought the rules said you were supposed to go to first base, well, first. Not to say that I minded, and it didn't happen quite so quickly that I couldn't have stopped him. Now, I don't know where exactly he thought it would all go (well, he's a guy, so I could guess), but at some point my brain kicked in saying Remember this is happening to you, dear--you have to do something about it! Jolted by that revelation, I quickly reigned him in by confessing my inexperience, and we backtracked to first base and didn't go much further, though we did spend the night sleeping next to each other.

So finally, at 24, I am officially off the "never been kissed" list. It's kind of strange, really. I haven't decided how I feel about it still, losing such a status that I had somehow come to consider a part of my identity. I had it all under control, but now I've lost my footing, I'm helplessly floating adrift in the unknown.

Well, here I am.


Anonymous said...

:D wooo

Sebastian said...

... and/or licking!

All this talk of identity and stuff... blah blah blah. Did you enjoy it?

Hezabelle said...

Eeeee! Yay!!!!

CatNip Thief said...

Hehehe. So the manga has gotten kinda Ecchi huh.

Eleni said...

PJB + Hez - Haha, thanks for the approval. Kind of embarrassing, but reassuring too, I guess :)

CatNip - Yeah, I liked your manga story. Sorry I messed it up ;)

Seb - Well, I did let him spend the night... But sorry, no more details. I won't even tell you which or it was or if it was an and. (Quotation marks might help that sentence, but you can parse it.)