Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dragon Age 2 announced!

Dragon Age 2 was just announced this past week. The website is here:

Eeeee! OK, I can't get really excited when there's not even a trailer to see (apparently one will be coming the 17th of August). Actually, it's a little sad that they can make it available for pre-order when all we've seen is the cover of the case plus two images of concept art. But still, I loved the first game, so I am excited to think that next year we might have a sequel. I just loved playing a mage in Dragon Age: Origins, and I look forward to doing it again in DA2.

I wonder what changes they'll make. What we seem to know so far is that DA2 will be slightly more...Mass Effect-like...than DAO. The player character will have a name (Hawke) who will be fully voiced. It's nice to have a voiced character, but it's also nice to be able to choose a line of dialogue rather than a one- or two-word description of a dialogue choice from the dialogue wheel (as in Mass Effect). Hawke, it seems, will have only one generic origin--a big change from the choice of six different extensive origin stories playable in DAO. I hope they don't change it to be too much like Mass Effect. I loved Mass Effect, obviously, but I don't want all my games to be the same. I liked the tons and tons of skills to choose from in Dragon Age. I liked the many, many conversations one could have with one's companions, and the variety of conversations the party members would have with each other. Well, I guess we'll have to wait and see just what things they'll be changing from Dragon Age: Origins. I'm hoping for the best.

I'm still more excited about Star Wars: The Old Republic, but really, it would be nice to take breaks from the MMO with a single-player game like DA2. And one can never have too much BioWare.


Soph! said...

I still need to play the first one! it came out for Mac in December, but I never picked it up. I will one of these days!

and yes, I can't wait for the Star Wars MMO!

Vanessa said...

I was so excited and kind of dissapointed with this!
I agree with pretty much everything you said! Can't wait to play it, love ME but, really, don't want all games to be the same, I like the multiple articulated choices of DAO and the storyline options (won't we be even be able to choose afemale character?). The system of ME may even work with SWTOR for both are sci-fi stories, but I'd like to have a different set for my medieval games, please. Voices are awesome... but if it comes with the cost of character customizations, I'm staying with customization.
Really weird that they're selling it already! As much as I like Bioware games (and I'm probably buying when it becomes available), I wanna see some work done before I invest my money... or they could become overconfident and give us unpolished games... that would be terrible! No, let's see it first, Bioware!

Eleni said...

Soph - I know, when can we start preordering SWTOR? I wouldn't hesitate to invest in that one!

Vanessa - Well luckily they are at least letting us choose male or female. I think it's meant to be a lot like Commander Shepard of Mass Effect in that sense. Maybe, as with Shepard, we can even choose a first name (which will never be used).

And I know what you mean--I'm almost certainly going to buy the game, but without any trailers or, more importantly, gameplay details and demos? I'm not that desperate. Unless it's heavily discounted, there's no reason to buy so early.

Before I let myself get too disappointed by the changes, I'm going to wait for some more info. Maybe they'll handle it all really well. I was upset by some of the changes they made from Mass Effect to ME2, but once I got into the game I mostly didn't miss the original and was happy with the awesomeness of the sequel.