Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Today marks the debut of "The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers", a new web series about a mysterious group of amazing dancers who are, uh, at some point going to rise up and change the world for good. Yeah. So the premise is a little weird, and watching the show doesn't exactly help it make any more sense, but who cares, the dancers are awesome! I love dancing, I used to be a dancer myself, and I love superhero stories, and this is kind of a cross between the two. Dancers can do seemingly super-human things. Hey--DANCERS ARE LIKE SUPERHEROES! Yes, I can support that.

The first two episodes are currently available on Hulu. Even if the concept itself is not, the plots so far are a bit cliche, but the dancing is entertaining, and I'm actually quite curious where this is all going. The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (LXD) is recruiting new members, but this other dark and brooding dancer seems to have his own plans. I want to know what he's all about. It would also be nice to know in what way exactly the LXD is supposed to use its super dance powers to help the world for good. And who is that guy narrating at the beginning?

I'm particularly looking forward to seeing Harry Shum Jr. (Mike, aka "Other Asian", from "Glee") when he pops up in the show. I saw a tiny snippet of him in the LXD trailer and the Gleek in me, well, Gleeked out. He's a really awesome dancer and needs to be used more in "Glee". I wonder who else we'll see recruited to the team (maybe a token female or two?). It's hard to tell from the two short webisodes we've seen so far, but hopefully the show is going in an interesting direction, and things will be made clearer in the near future. I'll certainly be tuning in to find out.

The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers can be found on Hulu here:

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