Thursday, July 15, 2010

I won a blog giveaway!

I recently won my first giveaway on a blog from the lovely Megan Christopher's second blogiversary giveaway at Hollywood Jane. She is a writer and grad student, and a big, huge geek. Which makes her wonderful. She writes and stars in a web series on YouTube called Quest for Comic-Con, detailing the great lengths that her character Gabby will go through to meet her idol, "Josh Wheaton", at Comic-Con. It's hilarious, and a great test of your geek cred, with lots of fun geeky references. Check it out here:

Megan also has an Etsy store called uGeek. She makes the cutest jewelry with a fine assortment of geeky themes. For instance, right now she has a necklace with a Cylon head pendant. She also makes some very cool necklaces that look like just a regular, pretty necklace but serve a useful function--they are actually flash drives. Very handy. Check them out here:

So what did she give me in the giveaway I won? A Quest for Comic-Con T-shirt, and a necklace with an awesome Blue Sun pendant (I just hope River doesn't catch me wearing it).

Sweet! Thanks, Megan, you're the best!


soft nonsense said...

TOTALLY just started watching Firefly this week. Zomg.

Soph! said...

person above, you are in for a treat!

OMG love the necklace. I'll make sure to check out her webs eries!

Eleni said...

Soft Nonsense - Like Soph said, you are a lucky person. I wish I could watch it again for the first time. But really, it's just as great every time I rewatch it, especially if I'm introducing someone new to it. So, so great.

Soph - Right you are.

I know, I'm all excited. And it's relatively subtle, so I can be a sneaky geek--most people would never even guess the story behind it.

Mei said...

Woot woot!

Angel said...

Congrats on the epic win!

And Soft Nonsense, you are so lucky right now I hope you know it. :D