Friday, July 16, 2010

Playing with the new camera: Faces from underwater

As I announced earlier in the week, my new camera has arrived. It's a convenient point-and-shoot that also is waterproof to 10m/33ft. So far, I've been having way too much fun with it.

Since my parents are in town, I took two days off from work earlier this week to stay with them in my great aunt and uncle's condo right on the beach on the North Shore. Two whole days on the beach = plenty of time to experiment. I wasted a lot of time taking excessive, random, and unnecessary photos. I have to get to know my new camera, though, right?

Here is the first of one of my experiments. So I have a camera that can go underwater. I could use that feature to take clear photos of things underwater, but why not use it to take photos of things--like me, for instance--out of the water? You can probably get a similar effect using various softwares, but this is the real deal, beautifully distorted by none other than nature herself. Here are a few of my fun shots.

This is my favorite. Would have been better without the glare on the right, but still, the way it reshapes my head and nose is great.

This one turned out the least flattering, I think. Kind of awesome--I look like an alien.

I love what this one did to my ear.

OK, that's enough of that. More photos to come!


Hezabelle said...

hahaha I love it!

Eleni said...

Thanks. I amused myself :)

Sebastian said...

You could've shown us one photo NOT of you, yeesh! (The picture quality looks great though :)

Btw, do you keep a pair of sunglasses in your pocket just in case you end up being in photos and need to obscure your eyes?

Eleni said...

I was taking a stroll down the beach with my parents and while they got distracted by something else I occupied myself by taking these shots. What was I supposed to drag over to hold over the water? My mom? Or do you just mean that I should have shared some photos of other things not taken looking up from the water? In that case: all in due time.

Uh, I was walking on the beach. It's Hawaii, and it's summer. It is sunny. That's why I had the sunglasses. And I'm a girl, our pants don't have pockets big enough for sunglasses, anyway.

Angel said...

These things look like a crazy drug induced trip. Fantastic :)

Eleni said...

You're right, it does have that sort of vibe. Thanks :)

Vanessa said...

That was funny! :P
Congrats for the new cam!

Eleni said...

I amused myself, and each one was so different. Thanks :)