Thursday, July 29, 2010

EW's list of 2010's sci-fi hotties (women)

This Entertainment Weekly list of 12 Sci-Fi Hotties of 2010 only has women. Last year there was one list of women and one list of men, but I can't find this year's hot sci-fi men list. It is very upsetting. Hopefully they'll have it up soon, though; I'll keep an eye out for it, certainly. In the meanwhile, you can check out their gallery of hot women from this year's sci-fi TV shows and movies.

Vote for your favorite hottie at the end!

Here are the choices:

Personally I thought last year's list was better (and the guys may be disappointed because this year's photos of the ladies seem to have more clothing in general). We'll see how the men hold up this year (EW, I'm assuming that list is coming, and it had better be good!).


Girls Are said...

Yeah, that list was pretty awful. Tron hasn't even come out yet, and Lost simply doesn't count as Sci Fi. It's crap. I should make a better one.

Girls Are Geeks

Eleni said...

Yeah, they made this list of sci-fi women of 2010 when 2010 isn't even over (the new Resident Evil movie hasn't come out, either); I guess it was supposed to go along with Comic-Con. Compared to last year's lists, there are five repeats: Lilly, Kim, Richardson-Whitfield, Dushku, and Durance (and I'd say Lost has enough sci-fi elements to count as sci-fi). But last year we had Zoe Saldana, Summer Glau, and Moon Bloodgood. And Torresani is cute in Caprica, but she just doesn't yet compare to Tricia Helfer or Katee Sackhoff. Plus, last year they had EVE from Wall-E! (Though I'm a little confused by that because that was in theaters in 2008.) And I have to say, the pictures in the gallery were way hotter last year. Oh well.

I'd be happy to see a better list. Nothing's really jumping to my mind, though.

Ambiguous Geek said...

Dushku is about the only one on that list that I would vote for.

Eleni said...

I love Lost and Fringe but yeah...Dushku definitely had my vote as the best hottie.

Was this year so much worse than last year? Last year I was torn between Dushku, the two BSG ladies, Zoe Saldana, and Summer Glau. What happened?