Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm a Motorcycle Chick!

*Painstakingly screenshot by the amazing, brilliant, handsome, and talented Sebastian.*

Even though I've been living here for almost a year, I only just got my Hawaii driver's license this week. Shame on me. I guess as a student I can say I'm still legally living with my parents. Well anyway, my old license was about to expire, so I went through the delightful process of Hawaii's out-of-state license transfer. This involved filling out an application, waiting in line six or seven times (they kept pointing, "OK, now wait in that line there," "Now wait in that line," "Now go back to that line"), and passing a written test: 30 pretty easy multiple choice questions, 6 or fewer wrong counting as a pass--actually harder than the test I took in my home state which allowed 6 wrong out of a total of 20 (!) questions. Two hours later, I emerged from the Driver License Location with my hard-earned prize.

I was disappointed to find that they've changed the appearance of the Hawaii license since the days of Superbad, so it doesn't look like McLovin's license. Still, it's nice to have the Hawaii license. I feel more like a local, even though my student ID already qualified me for kama'aina rates. And my old license was still a sideways "Under 21 License", so people would have to search for the "under 21 until" date before letting me into clubs or allowing me to buy a drink (you know, the four times that has happened).

Today, I was looking at my license more closely. My picture on the license isn't great (the flash caught me a really bad way somehow), but then again, it could have been worse. After frowning at my photo for a while, I noticed something rather curious. On the back of the license, under "CLASS", it says "MOTOR SCOOTERS & MOTORCYCLES".

That's weird. I've never ridden a motorcycle in my life. I don't think I've ever so much as touched the handlebars of a moped. Why would my license say "motorcycles" on it? Hmm, let's look at the front (heavily censored to protect the guilty; the birthday can stay because anyone who can subtract can already figure it out from this blog).

See that "9. Cl: 2"? It's funny, because I vaguely remember the guy I turned the application form into putting a "3" in the "Class" box on the application. What do these numbers mean, anyway? This is what the different classes qualify the driver to drive, according to a State of Hawaii Driver License Requirements document:
1 - Motor scooters 5 HP or less.
2 - Motorcycles over 5 HP and motor scooters.
3 - Any single vehicle with a GVWR of 15,000 pounds or less and vehicles designed to transport 15 or fewer passengers, including the driver.

Huh. That last one sounds more like what I would have expected. But my license shows that I am instead qualified to drive motorcycles over 5 HP as well as motor scooters! Harley-Davidson, here I come! Wheeee!

Looks like someone oopsied. I don't know if they couldn't read the writing on the application or just hit the wrong key on the keyboard, but I just got a license for something that I am wholly unqualified to drive. And the times I've been driving my car in the past three days? Technically not legal. Not that a police officer who happened to ask to see my license wouldn't understand the mix up, right? Right?

Anyway, I will be calling the driver license people next week (they're not open on the weekend) and will have to go in for a new one. Hopefully they have the proper records so I don't need to go through the whole process again. But in the meantime... maybe I should take this opportunity to go out for a fun ride while I'm arguably legal? It's a nice weekend... My parents even are in town visiting. I'm sure they'd love a nice motorcycle ride along the coast.

Photo at the top, for those who don't recognize it, is from Dollhouse. I even have the socks already. It's just meant to be!


Angel said...

Man, thanks so much for the very last line. When I clicked on your post my first thought was, "is that her? That looks like that one episode of Dollhouse. I wonder if I should ask.."

Congrats on getting the wrong license!

Eleni said...

Haha, it does say "FOX" in the lower right corner of the picture, though I guess it may be small and hard to see. But I'd TOTALLY look just like that on a motorcycle anyway :)

Ambiguous Geek said...

Is it sad that I recognized Echo before I saw the FOX sign based on the bike and socks alone?

Maybe I have been watching too much Dollhouse... :S

Eleni said...

It's a reasonably distinctive shot, with that outfit and that red motorcycle. And you can't have too much Dollhouse :)

Hezabelle said...

I say keep the license and learn to drive a motorcycle!

Eleni said...

Haha. I guess I could sell my car and buy a motorcycle. But, truth be told, they kind of scare me. And they're not so good for carrying stuff around.

Ruth said...

Glad I got the pic right! I figured it was her because...c'mon, who else rides motorcycles in that outfit? ;)

Um, congrats on getting your motorcycle license! Hope it's not too hard to straighten out. When mine was stolen a few years back (funny enough I found my discarded wallet sans credit but with license the day after I got my new one) I got a much better picture. That was nice. Dunno if they'll let you take another one though.

Eleni said...

Yeah, hopefully it won't be bad getting the license issue fixed. I always think of Reaper, though, in which the DMV was literally Hell on Earth. Those places are not known for their flexibility and leniency, but it was their mistake, so they should fix it.

Sebastian said...

I can't believe you didn't credit me for the screen cap! I painstakingly went through EVERY damn episode to get the best shots of Dushku! And the other people that I've forgotten the names of!

I'd forgotten you were younger than me...

Eleni said...

Sorry! SOMEONE ELSE DID IT FIRST, and I didn't put it together, I didn't realize... OK, whatever was going through my head at the time did not make sense, and I feel stupid in retrospect. I, uh, did link to your blog at the end, though. :(

You always say that. Not by much, though. Do you expect me to be older?

Sebastian said...

No! No one else did it first! I was the AUTHORITY on Dushku pictures for the first season of Dollhouse! (Seriously, you should've seen the seedy incoming links I had...)

I think it's because you're doing the whole learned (learn-ED) academia thing. I always worry that I haven't done enough for someone my age... but that's probably just stupid...!

Eleni said...

Oh no, that's not what I meant. I meant that I did a Google image search for something like "Dushku motorcycle" and came across the image on some other website, and was too stupid to put it together and realize it was the exact same image you had put in your old post. So they were the bad people who poached your work first. I recognize your supreme authority in the Dushku Dollhouse screen captures.

Don't worry about not doing enough for your age. I'm the one sitting in the windowless office reading and commenting on blogs. And I wonder why my research hasn't been going well :/