Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Second Blogiversary!

Today marks my blog's second anniversary! It also marks the release of the first episode of The Guild Season 4 (yay!), so make sure you go check that out...after you finish reading my blog post, of course.

Last year, for my first blogiversary, I listed ten facts about me that hadn't come up before on my blog. I am not very well planned out this year, since my parents are in town visiting right now. Still, I managed to put a little something together. I figured I'd give visual (and audio) proof of some of the things I mentioned in last year's blogiversary post.

There are two pieces of jewelry I always wear. A silver ring and a gold necklace (no, silver + gold don't match, but I like them both!). Here they are.

That gold ball is actually the moon. Look up James Thurber's children's book Many Moons, and you'll understand.

Kind of abstract-viney. By Harriet Forman Barrett.

I had really long hair from 7th grade to halfway through my sophomore year in college. About hip length, but never long enough that I'd sit on it when I sat down (though I could sit on it if I tipped my head back a bit). Here's a picture (not perfect because you still can't see the bottom of it).

OK, this didn't come up in last year's post, but it was mentioned in a recent post, so I thought I'd demonstrate how I move my baby toe onto the toe next to it (you can also see in the video that I can move it underneath the other toe, but I think that may be a little more common):

And, at long last, I demonstrate my infamous "ear snap":

I can't believe I've been doing this for two years now. I love the friends I've made blogging, and the conversations we have online. I like how I can share some things with you, under the veil of relative anonymity, that I can't share with most other people I know in real life. Thanks to everyone for reading my blog. You still always make my day.


cassey said...

Happy blogiversary!

Anonymous said...

I love your moon! I adore that book and used to read it to my Girl Scouts as a camp counselor all the time, I've practically got it memorized. So wonderful.

Girls Are Geeks

Soph! said...

Happy Blogiversary! Oh my goodness, what great control of your pinky toe you have! hahaha, I tried multiple times after watching the video and I fail!

Eleni said...

Cassey - Thanks!

Rosalind - Isn't it delightful? I was in a star/moon/night sky-themed revue my senior year in high school, and I turned the book into a ~10 minute skit. I played the Princess Lenore and got to cast the other actors. I've never been a good actress myself, but the other actors were really good, and I have very fond memories of that show. A friend gave the necklace to me when I graduated. Perfect.

Soph - Thanks. I've seen a couple other people who can do the pinky toe thing. One is my mom, so maybe it's genetic. Truth be told, I can only do it with my right foot. I can't figure out why.

Sebastian said...

Total bonus points for clipping a spectacle-shaped segment from your face. I would've just done a big, black box...

I have duly commented on YouTube re: your freaky anatomy.

Eleni said...

Haha, you liked that, didn't you? Hmm, I could have done like a Geordi La Forge visor or something. That would have been cool.

My freaky anatomy? OK, maybe that's fair.